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Pet Spots & Pet Odors   Wine, coffee, & Juice stains

The Owner himself preforms all of our specialty services. He has been in the business for over 30 years now. What other companies say can't be fixed, we fix.

If an area of your carpet has been damaged, such as bleached or dyed, we can reverse this type of damage. If your carpet has a been burned or has a hole in it, we can patch a new piece into this area. If your carpet has seams coming apart, we can seam the carpet back together. If you have ripples in your carpet, we can stretch the ripples out.

For bleach stains first we neutralize the chemical that caused the lightening of the carpet. Then we add the missing colors to bring the carpet back to the original shade. An easy example would be a yellow bleach stain on beige carpet. The missing colors are red and blue. The right amount of all three colors will bring the carpet color back to beige. Who better to get your carpet back to beige, than a technician who has dyed thousands of spots? Because we use acid dyes, the same dyes used in the manufacturing process, the spot dyeing is permanent. The only way to remove the dye is to use a bleaching chemical.

For color stains such as red pop, wine, and red punch, we heat transfer the dyes out of your carpet. We use an oxidizing chemical, an activator, and a heat source to transfer the dye onto a white towel. You would be amazed at the type of stains that will transfer out of your carpet. Urine and blood can even be removed from your carpet.

Before you replace your carpet because of a stain, or damaged area call us, we may be able to save you thousands of dollars!!

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