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What color and sheen is best for my ceiling?
Most ceilings are painted a light color and flat. Flat paint hides imperfections in the drywall. Most ceilings have a wave effect to them. The higher the shine, the more noticeable this effect is.
Painting a ceiling a dark color darkens the room. Causing more shadows, and color variations of your painted surfaces.

What color and sheen is best for my walls?
As a rule of thumb, poorly lit rooms should not be painted a dark color, and higher sheens should only be used in rooms with no imperfections.
The darker the color, the smaller the room will appear. In poorly lit rooms, colors will appear to be different on each wall. The darker the color, there will be more shadows and color variations.
If you want color in a small room, or poorly lit room, we recommend an accent wall, or the trim can be painted a darker color.
Flat paint is very rarely used, as it is not washable. It is used primarily on ceilings that have major flaws.
Flat enamel if used on walls and ceilings. It is washable, but the low sheen hides imperfections found in most ceilings, and some walls.
Eggshell is used on walls, and some ceilings. The higher sheen shows more imperfections, but can be washed more aggressively. It is great for walls that are in good shape, and ceilings that are in great shape.
Satin is used on walls, trim, doors, and very few ceilings. The higher sheen will show all imperfections, and can be washed more often, and more aggressively. It is great for trim and doors in poor shape, walls that are in great shape, and those very few ceilings in perfect shape, with perfect lighting.
Semi-Gloss is used on walls, trim, doors, and almost never on ceilings. The higher sheen will show all imperfections, and all lighting problems, but is great for those areas that need to be washed often. Because of the extra wear trim and doors receive, it is perfect for those areas. Very few walls are smooth, and flat enough for the high sheen, nor have the proper lighting for Semi-Gloss. Small ceilings that are flat, and smooth, with great lighting are the only ones that will look good in a Semi-Gloss paint.

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