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Handyman Services

We offer complete home services. We can repair, or replace most areas of concern. We can even inspect Appliances, and Computers. We advise you on the different ways to repair, or replace your areas of concern, offering our opinion on which option is best suited for your desired outcome.

Many times we have followed other "Experts" and have offered a less expensive repair. We have even shown our customers how the other "Expert" has misdiagnosed the problem. We feel that a properly informed customer will be much happier with the results achieved and call us back for additional work. Most appliance repair is as simple as replacing a sensor or switch.

Computer problems can be Hardware, or Software related. Very rarely are they both. A scan of your software can rule out viruses, and major software problems. Even when the computer won't work, most information can be retrieved from the computer and saved to another computer, hard drive, or even onto DVDs.

The cost of most household repairs can be kept low, if you maintain your house. The longer you ignore a loose hinge, loose door, water leak , etc. the more repair, replacement, and cost will be needed to fix the problem.

We have replaced or repaired light fixtures, light switches, outlets, breakers, sinks, faucets, tiles, grouted, caulked, doors, locks, hinges, drawers, cabinets, wood, appliances, computers, siding, windows, steps, railings, molding, sidewalks, garage doors, the list goes on and on.

We have found that one call from a customer turns into years of continued service. If it has to deal with your home, we can take care of it.


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