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What is "Steam" cleaning?
"Steam" cleaning is described better as hot water extraction . It is the injection of hot water into the fabric, suspending loosened soil, and dirt, then extracting the solution from the material.

Is this the best method for my furniture?
Yes, if you have a synthetic fabric. Most furniture is made of nylon, a synthetic material. The hot water extraction method lifts out the deep down dirt that causes damage to the fabric.

What is Dry cleaning?
Dry cleaning is the injection of solvents into the fabric, and then the extraction of the solvents with the loosened soil, and dirt.

Is this the best method for my furniture?
Yes, if your furniture is a natural fabric, or just light soiling. Dry cleaning is the recommend method for wool, and cotton materials. Dry cleaning solvents are great at removing oil based stains.

How is stain removal done?
We treat the stain with one or more types of cleaning solutions. The first is a dry cleaning solvent, this is used on all fabrics, loosening dirt, soil, and oil based stains. The second is an oxygen cleaner. This is used to brighten the fabric, removing those stubborn stains. The third is a surfactant, this boost the power of the first two cleaning solustions.

Is this all you do to remove stains?
No, we also loosen the stain the same way you would loosen a stain on your clothes. We scrub the stubborn stains, loosening the dirt and stains. Allowing the extraction of the loosened soil, and dirt.

Can all spots and stains be removed?
No, but most are easily removed with our three step cleaning process of, stain treatment, stain agitation, then extraction.

What about the spots and stains that are still there?
Those spots are actually damaged areas of your furniture. The areas have either had the dye removed, or have had dye left behind.

What could have caused these stains?
Foods with natural, or man made dyes can leave those dyes behind. Body fluids can bleach or dye the area where it comes into contact with the fabric. Over the counter cleaners have optical brighteners, which cause a yellowing, and lightening of the fabric. Laundry detergents have bleach and optical brighteners, which cause a yellowing, and lightening of the fabric. Medications can bleach or dye the fabric. The list is endless.

What are deodorizers?
Deodorizers are added to our cleaning process to give the furniture a fresh, clean smell.

What are disinfectants?
Disinfectants are added to our cleaning process to remove odors caused by germs, and bacteria.

Will this remove all of my odors?
Yes, as long as the odor is in your fabric, and not your padding, or frame.

What are protectants?
Protectants, applied to your furniture at the end of our cleaning process, protect your fabric from spills, stains, and dirt.

Which of these do you recommend?
Not all furniture need these specialty services. Some only need some of these specialty services. Some need all of these specialty services. To find out which specialty service is best for your furniture ask your technician what he recommends.

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