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What is "Steam" cleaning?
"Steam" cleaning is described better as hot water extraction . It is the injection of hot water into the fabric, suspending loosened soil, and dirt, then extracting the solution from the drapes.

Is this the best method for my drapes?
No. Almost all drapery will be damaged by hot water extraction.

What is Dry cleaning?
Dry cleaning is the injection of solvents into the fabric and then the extraction of the solvents with the loosened soil, and dirt.

Is this the best method for my drapes?
Yes, it is the only way we clean your drapes. Dry cleaning is the recommend method for all drapes.

How is stain removal done?
Drapery cleaning does not include spot or stain removal. It is a refreshining process.

Can all spots and stains be removed?
No, most are not removed by our refreshining process.

What about the spots and stains that are still there?
Those spots, stains, and damaged areas will require a full dry cleaning process. Taking the drapes down, taking them to a dry cleaners, and being without them for a week or so. Then rehanging the drapes.

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