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We have cleaned over 50,000 homes in Oakland, and Macomb counties.

We offer "Steam", and "Dry" cleaning.

"Steam" is not actual steam, this is why we put the word steam in quotation marks. A better term, and a term more widely used by carpet manufacturers is, hot water extraction. Carpet fibers are injected with hot water suspending loosened soil, and dirt, then extracting the solution from the carpet fibers.

"Dry" cleaning is the injection of wet solvents into the carpet fibers, and then the extraction of the solvents with the loosened soil, and dirt.

Most carpet fibers can be safely "Steam" cleaned. The more delicate carpets can be safely "Dry" cleaned. Depending on your carpet, wear, and use, "Steam" or "Dry" cleaning can properly clean your carpet.

We treat the stain with at least one of three types of cleaning agents. The first is an alkaline cleaner, this strips soil off of the carpet fibers. The second is a "Dry" cleaning solvent, this is used on oil based stains. The third is a surfactant, this boost the cleaning power of the first two.

We loosen the stain the same way you would loosen a stain on your clothes. We scrub the stubborn stains, which loosens the dirt, allowing the hot water extraction to remove the loosened soil, and dirt.

Your carpet is left clean, and free of residue. Ready for immediate use.

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